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  1. Send the Rain

From the recording At Your Feet

Featuring Adam and Tysdal from I & Thou
Written by Camille Parkman


Send the Rain (2 Chron. 7:14)

We confess to You, our God, Let your mercy fall on us
We will turn our hearts to You, Let your glory fall on us

Send the rain----------Hear our cry and heal our land
Send the rain----------In your mercy, heal our land
Send the rain

Bring your justice to our courts
Bring your healing from disease
Bring your freedom from despair
And provide for every need

Chorus: Send the rain…………….

Bridge: If those called by my Name, will be humble and pray
If they will seek my face, and turn from their old ways
Then will I hear from heaven, and I’ll forgive their sin
I will hear and I will heal their land
I will hear and I will heal their land

Chorus: Send the rain…….