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Praying, writing and practicing towards another album – getting excited! And I’ll take any prayer backing I can get!

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Compassion trip to the Dominican R.

February 19, 2014 Category :Uncategorized 0

Wow!  We had such an amazing and eye-opening time in the Dominican, seeing what God is doing through the partnership of Compassion and the local church there.  This is one of the best evangelism/discipleship programs in the world!  Between 350-500 kids come to the Lord EVERY DAY, and then are discipled and nurtured by loving and godly workers for years.  We were so privileged as sponsors to meet one of our precious kids, Francisco, and spend a whole day playing with him.  Life-changing!  (I highly recommend that for any sponsors out there – now THAT would be the ideal way to “holiday”!) I will never take letter-writing lightly again – it means the world to them when you do, and we found out, from some honest sponsored kids who are now young adults, that they are crushed when sponsors don’t write.  Yikes.


You can be assured, as we are more than ever, that Compassion is an organization of integrity (ie. they keep track of every receipt for every pack of pencils they buy),  is effective, is needed, and is sustainable, especially because they work through the local church.  We heard one pastor say, “I had all these dreams, but my dreams became nightmares because I didn’t have the resources to make any of them happen.”  Then he heard of Compassion, and now his dreams are coming to pass!


Worship thought:

December 6, 2013 Category :Uncategorized 0

I heard it said lately that in worship, your heart will often follow the posture that your body takes.  How true!