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What is Success really?

Posted on November 1, 2018 | No Comments on What is Success really?

I was excited and nervous to be buying tickets last night for the Covenant Awards in January.   But even as I think and pray over the last couple of weeks about awards, radio play, Spotify, cd sales and all these “glorious” things that an independent artist can pursue, it has been strongly impressed on my spirit that success in God’s eyes has nothing to do with any of these things! I am reminded that when I first set out to sing my songs for others, it was all about ministering to the LORD in worship, and then ministering to the hearts of his beloved.   So I wrote out (in one of those not-so-rare moments of discouragement, followed by one of those rare moments of clarity!) what success means for me, and I will be vulnerable enough with you here to share that:

  1. Success is to be a continual worshipper (whether on my own or as a worship leader) – to love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength REGARDLESS of any tangible response from others.
  2. Success  is putting out the best songs I can and promoting them the best I can, REGARDLESS of the tangible response/receptiveness of others (sales, radio, spotify, words of encouragement, etc.)
  3. Success is trusting that God will take all my efforts and use them, somehow, REGARDLESS of whether I can see see fruit or not.
  4. And of course, success is faithfully loving my family, friends, and neighbours, both close and worldwide, with the unconditional love of Jesus.  As we watch our boys growing deeper and deeper in their love for Jesus we are increasingly aware that any time spent as parents pouring into them was WELL WORTH IT!  I believe that our children are our most important disciples and our best disciples, and that our marriage is one of our greatest testimonies for the LORD.


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