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The story behind THRIVE

Posted on October 29, 2015 | No Comments on The story behind THRIVE

For months I was so sure that this album would be called “FLY”, after the first track. But out of the blue (it seemed) I had a moment of clarity, when I realized that this whole album is really about THRIVING! In our walk with God, in our trusting and jumping into the riskier, bigger dreams, yes, but ALSO in our ability to learn and walk in contentment wherever we are and whatever we’re doing. To thrive in the peace and strength we gain from Him as we confess our great need for Him through every minute of the day, and then to grow some more as we learn to GO and be his love in the flesh, ministering out of who we are and how He has crafted us. And finally, as I sing the last song on the album, it’s my heart’s cry that the poorest children of the world, the least of these, would have a chance to thrive through our giving and love as well.

On top of all that, my husband Rob and I had decided not long before that we should have a name for “us”, as in, our ministry together, as a speaker/author/consultant/worship leader/singer, etc. combo. And we chose the name THRIVE MINISTRIES, because that is our heart for churches, individuals and the least of these.

So as you listen, I pray that you would truly thrive in the love of Jesus, as you worship, trust and walk with HIM!

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